Indonesian president Joko Widodo grants clemency to Papuan political prisoners

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ANALYSIS – UAE, Israel develop discreet ties under UN agency cover

Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, has seen a slowdown in growth since , mostly due to the end of the commodities export boom. During the global financial crisis, Indonesia outperformed its regional neighbors and joined China and India as the only G20 members posting growth. Fuel subsidies were significantly reduced in early , a move which has helped the government redirect its spending to development priorities.

We read every letter or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate. However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us.

As Indonesia prepares to swear in its new president next month, But as we turned sausages in the stifling Jakarta humidity and cracked open.

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Backdating contracts and other documents and instruments

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Jakarta Composite Index 5, GDP Contraction Q 5. Inflation July 1. Indonesia is a secular democratic country that has a Muslim-majority population. The Indonesian constitution guarantees all people in Indonesia the freedom of worship, each according to his or her own religion or belief. It also stipulates that the state shall be based upon the belief in “the one and only God” a condition which also forms the first principle of the Pancasila , the Indonesian state philosophy introduced by Soekarno in At first sight these two conditions seem to be somewhat contradictory but Soekarno, Indonesia’s first president, resolved this issue by hypothesizing that every religion including ‘soft polytheistic’ Hinduism essentially has one highest Supreme Being to which one subjects oneself.

Although Indonesia is not an Islamic state, Islamic principles do influence political decision making. Moreover, certain hardcore Muslim groups have been able to influence political and judicial decision making through the threat of violence. One peculiarity of the Indonesian government’s stance on freedom of religion is that it recognizes six official religions only namely Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Every Indonesian is required to embrace one of these religions as it is mandatory personal data that is mentioned in official documents such as passports and other identification cards. Atheism is not an option and constitutes a socially unacceptable ideology in Indonesia however there is no law that bans atheism. In recent years it has happened that Indonesians who published atheist worldviews on social networks were threatened by their local community and arrested by the police on charges of blasphemy; charges that can lead to imprisonment.

It should be emphasized, however, that the Indonesian followers of above-mentioned religions do not form coherent groups.

(2nd LD) Leaders of S. Korea, Indonesia vow efforts to further strengthen cooperation

Introduction of ATM machine with special feature for visually impaired people, as well as our Breeze mobile banking applications, to name a few. Apart from retailing, MAP is also a leading distributor for sports, kids and lifestyle brands. MAP group, the leading lifestyle retailer in Indonesia with over than 25 years experience.

Indonesia reports 2, new coronavirus cases – COVID taskforce In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending is to speak at the RNC that she’s ‘officially pushing for emancipation’ from her family 7 Out of 10 Democrats Wouldn’t Consider Dating a Trump Voter.

Under the cover of attending meetings of the UN agency, Israeli diplomatic representatives and ministers over the years traveled to the Emirati capital and held meetings with counterparts on mutual interest, while maintaining a diplomatic backchannel. The cover was finally lifted on Aug. Both countries, however, issued statements that this visit does not reflect any change in their positions. The agreement enables both countries to receive nuclear know-how, materials, and equipment from the US and its allies.

In , the Defense News had reported that Israel had granted several GCC states, including the UAE, access to the Israeli-built Eros B satellite and its high-resolution imagery and had begun exporting communication, homeland security, and civilian technology against terrorism. According to WikiLeaks cable dating to March , Marc Sievers, the political advisor of the US mission in Tel Aviv, mentioned that there was a secret and persistent dialogue between Israel and Gulf countries.

In , the relations between the two countries strained after the UAE accused Israeli secret agency Mossad of assassinating the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a covert operation in Dubai. A year earlier, the same Mossad team had reportedly tried to poison the Hamas leader, who fell mysteriously ill but eventually recovered, and was never aware he had been poisoned by Israeli operatives.

Indonesia reports 2,037 new coronavirus cases – COVID-19 taskforce

Buddhists across Asia are preparing to celebrate the birthday of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who later became known as Gautama Buddha and was the founder of Buddhism. The Buddha is believed to have been born roughly 2, years ago in what is today Nepal. The holiday goes by several names, including Buddha Purnima, Vesak, Buddha Jayanti and Ikh Duichen, and is often marked by national holidays, festivals and events at Buddhist temples. This is because Buddhists have relatively low fertility rates compared with other religious groups, and they are not expected to grow significantly due to conversions or religious switching.

Only about 1. Buddhism in Asia is a matter of both identity and practice.

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But thanks to Saudi money and influence, it has taken a sharply conservative turn. By Krithika Varagur. H alf a million people, all dressed in white, radiated from the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in central Jakarta. Protesters clogged the streets for a mile in every direction; they went all the way up to the National Monument and beyond it to the presidential palace.

It was 4 November , and they had come on buses, planes and on foot, from all across Java and even from some other islands, to participate in the largest Islamist demonstration in Indonesian history. Officially, it is a multifaith country that protects six religions equally, where race and ethnicity have been tacitly elided from political discourse.

An overtly Islamist political protest like this had no precedent. But in practice, this was less about Ahok and more about displaying the piety and political power of Muslim Indonesians — and it worked.

A Closer Look at How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World

Not only does it allow central banks and corporations to trade with each other, or holidaymakers visit new destinations, it also allows speculators to take advantage of a market that trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. There has never been an easier time to access the world’s forex market either. At the click of a button you could be trading on the direction of the Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, US dollar or even the Russian Ruble!

We documented 22 cases of forced seclusion for durations ranging from in mental hospitals and release those who are detained against their will. The Indonesian government officially banned pasung under law in

Washington, D. Central Intelligence Agency is stalling, even though the documents included in the volumes were officially declassified in and , according to public State Department records. The CIA, as well as action officers at the State Department, have prevented the official release of either volume, already printed and bound by the Government Printing Office. The Indonesia volume includes significant new documentation on the Indonesian Army’s campaign against the Indonesia Communist Party PKI in , which brought to power the dictator Suharto.

Ironically, Suharto’s successor, ex-President Wahid, is on his way to Baltimore this week for medical treatment, and has been replaced by his vice-president, who is the daughter of the man Suharto overthrew. For example, U. Embassy reporting on November 13, passed on information from the police that “from 50 to PKI members were being killed every night in East and Central Java. The CIA’s intervention in the State Department publication is only the latest in a series of such controversies, dating back to when the CIA censored a State volume on Iran in the early s to leave out any reference to the CIA-backed coup that overthrew Mossadegh in The chair of the State Department historical advisory committee resigned in protest, producing an outcry among academics and journalists see “History Bleached at State,” New York Times editorial, May 16, , p.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s release date, gameplay reveal set for E3, and more

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wives in the barracks, as in the Dutch army in nineteenth-century Indonesia. be undertaken with careful attention to the archaeological context and dating. women were occasionally present in the barracks, but we know nothing about the six percent of the regiment that were officially allowed to marry were permitted​.

As Indonesia prepares to swear in its new president next month, correspondent George Roberts reminisces about the lengths he went to to get an interview with the country’s next head of state. Joko Widodo – the man known as Jokowi – apparently has a habit of dropping in unannounced. It was three days after the Indonesian presidential election in July and I’d invited my journalist colleagues to a barbecue to unwind after the campaign.

But as we turned sausages in the stifling Jakarta humidity and cracked open a refreshing drink, it dawned on me there was an actual prospect the president-elect could turn up at any moment. The winner of the poll was to be just the second directly-elected leader in Indonesia’s history and the ABC had planned the most comprehensive coverage yet of an Indonesian election. And fair enough, too. The Federal Government ranks Indonesia as one of the most important regional neighbours.

The first new president in 10 years warranted serious coverage. Greg Jennett, Helen Brown and I worked together for weeks to compile features on the voting system and the two men vying for the top job. With a new president comes a new approach to foreign policy and, therefore, Australia.

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Tenth annual report dives deeper into the ways government restrictions on religion and social hostilities involving religion have changed, from to Over the decade from to , government restrictions on religion — laws, policies and actions by state officials that restrict religious beliefs and practices — increased markedly around the world. And social hostilities involving religion — including violence and harassment by private individuals, organizations or groups — also have risen since , the year Pew Research Center began tracking the issue.

And the number of countries where people are experiencing the highest levels of social hostilities involving religion has risen from 39 to 56 over the course of the study.

In this year India grew approximately 50, hectares of officially approved Bt This points out that we should never forget that introducing new technologies In China, 64 improved cotton varieties have been approved for environmental release. (GMOs) is fixed by European directive /18/CE, dating from March

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Religion in Indonesia

Widodo arrived in Seoul on Sunday on a three-day state visit that reciprocated Moon’s state visit to his country last year. The two leaders last met in Jakarta in November, at which time they agreed to upgrade their countries’ bilateral relationship to a “special strategic partnership. The Moon-Widodo summit followed an official welcome ceremony held at Changdeok Palace of the Joseon Dynasty The ceremony was immediately followed by a joint walk through the palace by the leaders in a friendly event designed to help strengthen their personal relationship.

ellie that awkward moment.

Add Expertise:. Add Keywords:. One of the thornier issues which comes up in legal practice from time to time is the backdating of documents. Legally speaking, this is something that you should not do — or more accurately, there will only ever rarely be occasions when this is appropriate to do. However in practice, for both good reasons and bad, backdating of documents does occur. However, he rarely adds that he actually ended up losing that trial, which brings us to my second point — even though the law generally deprecates the backdating of documents, the legal consequences of backdating are highly variable.

This article will try to unpick the various legal threads of when you can and cannot backdate documents, and what the consequences will be if you do. The first and most important thing to note about the consequences of backdating a document is that it is potentially a criminal offence. However, at common law this was a criminal offence going by the contradictory sounding name of uttering a false document and in most English law based legal systems it is still an offence today, although in many cases statutory provisions have superseded the common law for example, in the British Virgin Islands see section of the Criminal Code Where backdating is done for financial gain, it may also constitute the more dull-sounding criminal offence of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

Although criminal prosecution might be a risk in serious fraud cases, in most day to day legal matters where backdating occurs for reasons of administrative convenience, or simply by oversight or error, the risk of being charged with a crime are commensurately small.

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