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Jump to content. For one, it has mm frontal hull armour at the usual sherman slope for some mm effective; and some of it might be spaced to eat those delicious HEAT rounds. The turret isn’t off any worse at mm with some spaced either. Surely that is countered by the lack of mobility, you might think, but no; its mobility is better than that of the jumbo sherman because why not. Well then, if both the armour and mobility are great, then the DPM must suffer because of it. Except that even that is still pretty decent; tier 6 sherman’s top 76mm gun with a slightly lower reload speed at 3. Means nothing until we see the true armor layout. The Sherman armor is usually inconsistent and has very varying armor values. Even then the tank is pretty sad with that pen and alpha and it has no equity against all the tier 8 premiums so it’ll probably be just another top tier faceroll tank that completely relies on the matchmaking, just like most tanks nowadays.

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Jump to content. For one, it has mm frontal hull armour at the usual sherman slope for some mm effective; and some of it might be spaced to eat those delicious HEAT rounds. The turret isn’t off any worse at mm with some spaced either. Surely that is countered by the lack of mobility, you might think, but no; its mobility is better than that of the jumbo sherman because why not.

I know with matchmaking being so bad and the latest update has made it worse I prefer to play around tier 5/6 and to grind credits and at least.

Army Chief of Staff. The vehicle was effectively the M4A3E8 Sherman tank with additional armor mounted in the field. The M4 Thunderbolt is a premium variant of the the M4A3E8 Sherman , falling somewhere between the standard E8 and the Sherman Jumbo in terms of its stats and playstyle. While the E8 is faster and more agile with better DPM, the Thunderbolt has better gun handling and armor, granting it better survivability than the standard E8. The Jumbo may have access to a howitzer and a more impressive weight of armor, especially on its stock turret, but the Thunderbolt has superior mobility and flexibility, allowing it to react more quickly when new threats or opportunities arise.

The Thunderbolt is truly a ‘jack of all stats’ tank, as it falls squarely in the middle of all the Sherman variants at tier 6 in a way that the Fury does not quite manage. It is extremely forgiving of player error and is able to hold its own in most situations. It serves well as part of a medium wolfpack, or in hilly terrain as a support tank.

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Jump to content. The M4A3E8 Fury tank is modeled after its namesake from the movie, so in this section I’ll briefly cover a little history of the M4 Sherman tank. Meanwhile, Germany and the Soviets were in an all out arms race with tanks as they each tried to gain the upper hand on the Eastern Front. US intelligence had learned of these new tanks, but believed that Germany couldn’t make them in enough numbers to justify replacing the M4.

Tank crews would often try and augment their tanks armor by stacking sandbags on the front hull, which can be seen on the ‘Fury’ tank with the logs strapped to the sides of the hull. Though it is possible that the logs were not intended to supplement the armor.

M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII – American Premium Medium – Full Stats & Armour

Asked by BesniqVoinik2. Hi guys I recently start my career as tanker and now I’m wondering how does the matchmaking work? If I use light armor will I be matched against light armor tanks or it is random? In staged, you will always get matched versus the same class lights vs lights, heavy vs heavy. Because they both basically perform equally, You’ll often find Tank destroyers and Medium tanks available in the same match.

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Jump to content. WG want new players to get a good start in the game so they stay interested and getting a good start means they are not getting constantly destroyed by other players with several thousand games experience. LoneReaper, on 22 December – AM, said:. LoneReaper, on 22 December – PM, said:. You are supposed to have fun.

WG created the situation. They should make higher tiers more appealing if they want to fix it. Whatever brings in the dough is good for them. Anything else is just PR to get you in to start spending. Besides that, I think tier 5 is high enough that you can expect to find capable players there. The missions are split and too. It seems WG consider tier 5 to be past the beginner stage. There are 4 tiers below it to learn in if you find it too rough as a new player.

M4A3E8 Thunderbolt; the next OP premium

Read Time : 3 Minutes. A deadly combination of speed, firepower, and armor makes this tank a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Tankopedia contains useful information on the World of Tanks vehicles for both new and experienced players. Take control of steel beasts and battle through historic locations where strategy means victory. Heavy tanks are probably the best class overall right now for a new player to start with.

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Jump to content. I hardly think this is a surprise. If top or mid-tier is important to you then you should consider playing 10 always top tier or 7 and 9 almost always mid-tier.

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Tank Nut and Gamer Wannabe! Huge fan of tanks and World War II history. Huge World of Tanks fan and by far, the game I’ve played for the longest time. If you like my content, please consider donating. View all posts by Harkonnen. Ok, WG, finally you deserve my congrats. This Ace Tank series is a great idea. I want this tank in my garage for sure. And I will be waiting for the others. I guess we will have more fun with it as a tier 6… yeah tier 6 its great, thats where that armor really can work, when i first saw it i though… hummm is this possible the M4 90V?

There is supposed to be a Sherman with the 90mm M3 with T26 turret. Unfortunately wargamming said there are not going to do any more tanks with special matchmaking, so… I think this idea is a no go… they probably need to nerf it a bit.

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